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Introduction: Tie-Dye Tissue

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This is a fun and beautiful craft for kids and adults. The secret materials? Toilet paper (or kleenex) and Crayola markers. You can make flowers, leis, pom-poms, gift bag packing, and other colorful things using this unique and vibrant tissue.

Step 1: Color a Design

Using washable Crayola markers, draw a design on your tissue square. It takes a little experimenting to get it to turn out the way you want, so don't be worried if the first four or five aren't perfect. Analogous colors work well together, and are less likely to result brown as the colors mix.

Step 2: Spray With Water

Place your squares on waxed paper or another surface that doesn't mind getting ink on it, and spray a little water on them with a squirt bottle. Different amounts of water have different effects. Start out by only getting the squares slightly damp, so that the color doesn't all run out.

Step 3: Let Them Dry

Set the squares out in the sun, or just leave them sitting on the waxed paper for a couple of hours until dry to the touch.

Step 4: Make Flowers

To make a flower, fold 3-5 squares as shown, pinching the middle of the square. Put the pinched squares together and secure with a twist tie. You can attach the flower to a hair clip and wear (just not in rainy weather), or you can make a bouquet.

Step 5: Make a Lei

To make a lei, fold pinch the middle of a square and thread it onto a piece of string with a quilting needle, as shown. It will take a lot of squares to make one lei!

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