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If you're like me and collect a lot of ties and bowties you're gonna need a way to store them neatly so here's a quick instructable to how to make yourself a neat tie hanger.

Step 1: What You Are Going to Need

The neat thing about this tie hanger is that you can pull it out for easy access to your tie collection, shuffle between your ties and then just push it back in and out of the way when you're done.

So what you'll need is following

1x IKEA Kvartal curtin hanger pole

2x IKEA Kvartal curtin hanger holder

1x Pack of Riktig hooks with clamps

1x Pack of Kvartal glide with hooks

a drill

and a metal saw

Step 2: Mounting It

First find a suitable spot for your hanger and measure out the depth of that place so that you can saw of your hanger to the right size.

Tips: The kit comes with a 2pcs of end caps so you can hide the edges if you get some rough edges after sawing it off.

The reason you want two holders for this hanger is for stability when pulling in and out the hanger.

So now just mount it according to the instructions as you would mounting it for curtains but with the difference that you place both holder close to each other on one side of the pole.

The Trick to getting this hanger to be able to move in and out is to tighten the screw just tight enough to hold it but not so tight that I locks it in place.

Before putting on the end caps remove the hooks from the gliders and replace them with the steel hooks with clamps instead. slide in as many of these clamps as you have ties, and maybe some more for future ties.

now just put on the end caps and you're done!

Now when in need to choose a tie you can pull the hanger out and get a full display of all your ties and just push them away neatly when you've picked that perfect tie.

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