Introduction: Tie Your Plastic Cap of the MagSafe Adapter (Macbooks)

So, fear of losing that tiny plastic cap that "protects" your Mabooks MagSafe?  Here are simple steps.
You need:
1- thick needle or sharp point of any kind (use a needle like point, that is, not the same diameter but thin at the start and thicker at the base)
1- 5cm or longer nylon cord

Step 1: Punch the Cap

Use the needle or sharp point to punch at the center of the cap.

Step 2: Make a Nod

Take the nylon cord at one end and tie a nod, make at least 2 nods in the same end.

Step 3: Insert the Nylon Cord

Use the other end of the cord (the one without the nod) and insert it through the hole you punched in the cap.

Step 4: Tie the Second Nod

Tie a set of two consecutive nods to fix the position of the nylon and the cap as shown.

Step 5: Tie the Opposite End to the MagSafe and You Are Done!

Presto! Never lose your little cap anymore (they don't sell this at the Apple Store or eBay!).