Introduction: Tie/Belt Hanger

For years my ties and belts have been a mess in the closet. Looping ties over cloths hangers makes it difficult to keep things organized and my belt just land wherever.

Looking online and in stores, I wasn't able to find a rack or organizer I really like. Enter the Instructable.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Board

The easiest thing is to buy a piece of dimension lumber already cut to size. Most home improvement stores sell pre-cut boards. These are especially handy if you don't have a saw.

I used a piece of solid board I lad laying around in my shop. The overall dimensions of the board are 6" x 24". To add a little character the edges were rounded using a router and round over bit.

Step 2: Layout and Drilling

I found a neat tie hook hanger at Lowe's that could be combined with the board to fit what I was looking for in a tie rack.

Using a Dremel cutoff tool the hooks are easily removed from the hanger.

Depending on how many ties or belts you have the layout can vary. The easiest way to drill the holes is to set the depth using a drill press. If you don't have a drill press, a hand drill can be used but the depth and angle are much harder to control.

Step 3: Stain & Polyurethane

Based on experience, two coats of stain provides a uniform stain color. Light sanding between stain coats helps the stain absorb.

After letting the stain dry overnight I applied three coats of clear polyurethane with light sanding between coats.

Step 4: Wall Hanger

These picture hangers from Lowe's work really well since you don't have to worry about pulling the tie rack off the wall.

Step 5: Glueing the Hooks

Now it's time to install the hooks. I used Gorilla glue, but wouldn't recommend it for this application. Gorilla glue tends to expand as it sets and will ooze out of the holes. This causes quite a mess that will need to be cleaned before the glue fully sets.

I hope this inspired you to go out and make something.

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