Introduction: Tig Welding Chair

This seat is simple yet useful in the world of Tig welding. The chair has a hook on the side for the Tig torch or the welding helmet. On the other side of the stool there is a metal sleeve that can hold the welding rod that is currently need for the job or project.


  • Tig Welder
  • 1/16 ER70s-2 welding rod
  • Angle Grinder
  • Sanding Wheel for Angle Grinder
  • Band Saw
  • 17ft of 1in diameter square tube .083 wall thickness
  • 6 in of 1/4 in. solid steel pipe (easier to bend with extra material you get more leverage)
  • 4 in. of pipe thin side wall
  • Thin sheet metal 1x1 ft.

Step 1: Cutting the Tube for the Base and Seat

Cut the square tube into 8 1ft. segments with 45 degree angle ends facing the same direction. (Note: tube length is measured by the longest points on the end of the pipe.)

Step 2: Legs

Cut 4 27in square tube same diameter as the 1x1 square. cut the ends at a 30 degree angle so that the cut face to opposite ways unlike the 45 degree angle cuts.

Step 3: Weld the Chair Together

Weld the square tube together to make the chair and grind the welds flat to give the chair a smooth look.

Step 4: Make the Hook

bend some 1/4 in solid pipe in a bench vise use a propane torch to soften the metal to make it easy to bend. Then weld it on desired location.

Step 5: Welding Rod Holder

To build the holder cut the pipe in half and weld it approximately half the length of your welding rod (make sure that they are in line) weld a small cap on the bottom of the lowest pipe to hold the rod.

Step 6: Seat

Cut a 1x1 ft piece of sheet metal and weld it to the top of the chair to make the seat.