Introduction: Tiger Center Piece

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Center pieces are the focus of your table, so why not create something fun and personal! If you don't like tigers, then maybe a printout of a lion would suit you better :) in any case, let's get down to it.

What We'll Need

  • Tiles
  • Hardboard
  • Silicone
  • Design Print out
  • Sharpies

Step 1: Cutting Out Your Stencil

We didn't trust our drawing skills to make a perfect lion, so we went to the Internet and printed one out. Then, using an exacto knife, we cut out the black space. This left us with a negative (or stencil) of the tiger.

Step 2: Laying Out Your Tiles

You'll need two things: a backboard and tiles.

The backboard that we used was 1/8" hardboard, but you can use anything that's ridged and relatively heat resistant. The tiles we used were left over rectangles from a bathroom tile project, but you can get them online, at a craft or hardware store.

Arrange your tiles in a square pattern then flip every tile upside down. Spread some silicone adhesive on the back of your hardboard and press it against the tile

Step 3: Fix Your Stencil to the Tile

The Easiest way to do this step is to us 3M adhesive. Turn the stencil upside down and spray the adhesive on the back. Flip it right side up and press it against the tile. If the silicone hasn't dried yet, be careful when pressing it down.

Step 4: Coloring It All In

We used a black sharpie to color in the stencil. Sharpie stains the porous tiles really well and is flat, unlike paint. Once you've colored it in, remove the stencil, careful not to pull up any of the tiles. Finish up the hot plate by filling in any missing hairs or details.

Step 5: Display and Enjoy!

And Now you are done and done! Enjoy the finished product and make sure to share your results!!

Step 6: