Introduction: Tightening Nocks

Hunting season brings lots of changes to an archers setup. One of the most common is the addition of "lighted nocks". It is very common for these nocks to not fit as snug as your practice nocks. This trick will help you snug it up to prevent losing the nock on shot or impact and, probably more importantly, prevent any nock rotation. Nock rotation could cause vane contact on the shot forcing your arrow to alter its course. Just a trick to add a little peace of mind when the shot counts the most.

Step 1: Place Nock in Plastic Bag

Use a plastic grocery bag and place your nock inside

Step 2: Snug the Bag Around the Nock

Don't wind it so tight the nock breaks through the end of the bag. Just snug it in the bag to make placing it back into the arrow a little easier.

Step 3: Insert Nock Into Arrow

Do not force nock in. If it takes a lot of force the plastic is too thick around the nock. Forcing could damage arrow. The idea is to snug the nock to reduce chances of losing it.

Step 4: Uncover Plastic Bag From Nock

Open bag to expose nock.

Step 5: Tear Plastic Bag Away From Nock

Hold the arrow close to the nock. Careful not to put pressure on vanes. Any damage to structure of vane will affect the flight of the arrow.

Step 6: Trim Excess PlasticFrom Arrow

Use a blade, exacta, or razor to trim plastic around nock. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the end of the arrow with the cutting utensil. You could chip or slice the arrow. Trim lightly. The plastic does not take a lot of pressure to remove