Introduction: Tiki Christmas Ornament

Step 1: Mold Ornament

Purchase some "Amazing Mold Putty" or another room temperature vulcanizing silicone clay.  Simply follow the instructions on the box for mixing the clay.  Then grab your tiki (I used a small one - about 4 inches high) and press it into the clay until it sets up (about 15 minutes) 

Step 2: Remove Tiki From Mold

Remove tiki from clay.  You should have a nice mold ready for the some modeling clay.

Step 3: Press Clay Into Mold

Now use Sculpey Ultra Light clay to make the actual tiki ornament.  Just press the Ultra Light clay into the mold and gently remove.  Then make a small santa hat out of the clay and place it on top of your tiki.  Now just follow the instructions on the box to bake the clay.  Once the tiki ornament is baked and cooled then you're ready to paint.

note: before you bake the clay insert a wire loop into the top of the ornament so that there is something to use to hang the ornament (I used a paper clip that i cut in the shape of a "U")

Step 4: Paint and Coat With Varnish

Now just paint the tiki ornament accordingly.  I like to use a light varnish to give the ornament a little shine.

(I also did a lucky cat ornament using the same technique)