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Introduction: Tiki-Torch Bottle Lamp

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Here is another bottle cutting project. Today we will be making a Tiki-Torch Bottle Lamp.

What we need:

✓ A main bottle for the lamp

✓One or more bottles that are smaller in diameter than the main bottle.

These will be used for lampshades/covers.

✓A big Jar for the base of the lamp

✓Bamboo stick - I had one left over from previous project (spud gun).

✓Plastic Tube's cap (plumbing department).

If you don't have one, bottle cup should do the job.

✓Something to fill the base jar, to make it more stable and cool.

I used some decorative stones and coffee beans.

✓Potato sack or another fabric

✓Cable, switch, plug, heat-shrink tubing, cork

✓Something to cut the bottle, I used Ephrem's Bottle Cutter

✓Glass/Tile drill bit

✓Epoxy glue or alternative

✓Long drill bit or a screw

✓ Wire puller? You might not need it, if holes are big enough.

Some of the items are optional, and can be replaced with something else or not used at all.

Step 1:

You will want to drill a hole. I used a large screw for drilling as it's much cheaper

than getting an extra long drill bit.

After cutting one end of the stick, I fed a wire puller into the stick and attached the wire to be pulled.

I did not have a lot of space to pull the cable, after failing to pull the cable, I covered the connection with heat shrink tubing. That worked well and I was able to pull the cable through.

Step 2:

I cut the main bottle for the lamp. After scoring the line, I used candle and ice method to separate the glass. I also cut a few more bottles for the lamp shade/cover.

Step 3:

I drilled a hole in a cork and slid it onto the cable, followed by a bottle and light bulb socket.

I put the cork inside the bottle and screwed in the bulb.

Step 4:

A rubber band was used to hold the bottle, while I tied it to the bamboo stick. You might want to used some glue to help.

Step 5:

I drilled a hole for the wire, but I messed up a little bit by gong to fast and cracking the glass.

Luckily the crack was small, so I did not need to get another jar.

Step 6:

Then, I realised that I have to cut the space for the cable. I should have done it before pulling the cable through the stick, not a big deal. Bamboo is easy to cut.

Step 7:

Let's drill/cut a hole in the lid, big enough to hold the stick.

As the plastic cup was a little bit too big, I covered end of the stick with some electrical tape.

Then, I covered the cap with some glue and glued it to the bottom of the jar.

Step 8:

When glue dried, I removed the electrical tape from the stick to slide ON a piece of potato sack (I believe it's called burlap)

I covered the stick with electrical tape - again.

Then I fed a cable into the hole.

Step 9:

To make sure cable does get damaged with the time, I covered it with heat-shrink tubing.

To give the jar some weight and look, I half filled it with decorative stones and coffee beans.

Then, I glued the stick to the Lid and covered it with a piece of potato sack. I also sewed it a little bit.

Step 10:

Last thing was to add a foot switch and a plug.

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