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Home made Tiki from PVC pipe.


  1. PVC Pipe
  2. PVC Sheet
  3. Raw Sienna Powder
  4. Burnt Sienna Powder
  5. Clear Varnish
  6. Beige Color Paint
  7. All Purpose Adhesive
  8. Piece of cloth
  9. Paint Brush

Step 1:

  1. Put the PVC pipe on PVC sheet vertically and mark the diameter of pipe on sheet with market.
  2. Cut the PVC sheet with scissor.
  3. Put all purpose adhesive around the edges of our round circle sheet then stick it on the pipe. Now one side of the pipe is closed.
  4. Paint the pipe from outside with beige color.
  5. Wait for dry. If you use Spray Can then it will dry quickly.

Step 2:

  1. In some pot or bowl take Raw sienna and Burnt sienna (Less then raw). Make cloth wet in water then rub cloth on raw sienna and slightly on burnt sienna and mix them up but not completely.
  2. Apply sienna with that cloth from top to bottom.
  3. Cover all the pipe.
  4. Wait for dry. (Usually it take 30 minutes).
  5. Apply a clear varnish or lacquer on it.
  6. Wait for dry.

Step 3:

  1. Make a sample on tissue paper roll cardboard So you know how it will look like.
  2. Then draw it on pipe with erasable marker.
  3. Take burnt sienna put small amount of water in it to make thick paste then draw it on pipe with brush.
  4. Finally again apply varnish on it.

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