Tile Table

Introduction: Tile Table

Today's instructable is about refurbishing an old dining table with ceramic tiles to look hip.

Step 1: Materials

Bidding woods

Tiles ( I am using 4inch x 4inch) 2 designs (easily found on amazon)


Hack saw (any say will do)


Grout (color of your choice)

Grout applicatory

Step 2: Measure

We wanted a bidding to go around the table before we can attach the tiles so that it look quite finished and hides out bad grouting job.

Measured the border and cut the wooden batons to size. My table is not exactly proper sized. So all the batons are of different sizes. So this is true (Measure twice, cut once)

Step 3: Cut Corners (really)

I don't have any kind of device to mark 45 degrees. So I used paper. Cut it in half twice to get 90 degrees and then folded it to get a perfect 45 degrees. Marked all the batons with this. Cutting was easy freehand.

Step 4: Attaching the Sides

Used fine nails to attach the batons to the table sides. Missed nails were there as I don't have a steady hand and I don't do this everyday.

Step 5: Lay the Tiles

Arranged the tiles in alteration. Lucky that they fit as expected with very less gap for the grouting process.

Step 6: Coloring the Sides

I wanted to color the sides as the table color. But wife had other plans. She used turquoise chalk paint to paint the sides. She will wax the sides after the grouting is dry and hard.

Step 7: Grouting

Gluing the tiles in place with white PVA glue. After the glue dries will start the grouting. I am using a grey colored grout. This color was advised by an artist friend who have a good idea about color combinations. I was surprised thy have colored grouts, else I was planning to mix color to the grout and continue.

We also found some laser cut MDF coasters. Tried to incorporate them. So left some tiles not connected. Popped the coasters in when finished and dried.

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