Introduction: Tim Burton's Family Dog Perler Bead Coaster

  • Hello, Lorraine here from Evans'Creations. this is actually one coaster I made for my dad as a gift. It was inspired from the short cartoon movie from Tim Burton with executor producer being Stephen Spielberg. A lot of people do not know the movie but I grew up on it. Also, a lot of people have been making a lot of things with perler beads and making things from movies and tv shows that I thought I make one that no one had a template for. This one is amazingly easy.

To get started you will need the following:

  1. Black Perler Beads

  2. Light Grey Perler Beads

  3. White Perler Beads

  4. 1 Clear Perler Bead

  5. Peach or Light Pink Perler Beads

  6. Perler Bead Board

  7. Ironing Paper

  8. Steam Garment Iron

  9. Ironing Board

Step 1:

In this step on the right you see a previously made Family Dog. On the left I made the outline using the black perler beads you will need for the project. This step by step you will have to look at the image on the left for it will change to match the image on the right. Also the image on the right can make it easy for this step to see where the black beads needs to be placed.

Step 2:

In this step it might be hard to see what is different from this step to the last but very simple. I only added one bead. It is the one clear bead that makes this Family so special. Tim Burton made this cartoon dog having its nose floating off its face. So look closely at the tip of its nose you should have a space between the two beads and the tip of its nose to place the clear bead (that was not a mistake).

Step 3:

In this step you add the white perler beads for the dog's eyes.

Step 4:

In this step you add the peach or light pink perler beads for the ears.

Step 5:

Now all that is left to fill, is the light grey perler beads. Hopefully your final product looks like this image shown.

Step 6:

Now before you get to this step make sure to carefully carry your board to the ironing board. I have made the mistake and had beads tip and had to reassemble them back to their place on the board. Heat your Steam Iron on the middle setting. Make sure you let it heat for a few minutes at least. Place the ironing paper gently over your beads and board. Make sure not to slide the paper it might make the beads spill over. When the iron is hot in a circular motion start from the top to bottom of the dog until the beads mold together. On the perler bead instructions it says heat for 30 seconds, but I usually go a little over that, for sometimes not all the beads melt. What I do is when you see the beads on the paper you know they melt. So when you see the dog on the paper you know they done. DO NOT HEAT MORE THAN A MINUTE.

Step 7: Final

This is your final product. I hope that was easy like I said it was. If not than I apologize.

Step 8: Put a Cup on It