Introduction: Timber Laptop Stand / Desk Organizer

About: I'm a woodworker/maker on YouTube

Adding a laptop stand to your desk can help for a few reasons. In my case it freed up space below the laptop for my keyboard and also brought the screen height closer to that of the second monitor next to it.

And hey, who can argue with beautiful hardwood timber on a desk!

Step 1: The Main Frame

I started by ripping a piece of timber into 2 boards, roughly 40mm x 20mm. These were then cross cut to the size of my keyboard (which was also bigger than my laptop).

These pieces were then sanded flat on a belt sander and glued together to create the basic shape.

Step 2: Add the Platform

After the glue dried I drilled 8mm holes through the main lengths of timber and pushed dowels through from one side to the other. These were glued into place.

I also added a couple of smaller dowels into the glue joint from the earlier step, just adding to the strength but also adding some detail.

I then cut these dowels flush and sanded them down using the belt sander.

Step 3: Sand and Finish

All that was left was to sand the entire piece and add a coat of polyurethane.

Happy building!