Introduction: Time Capsule

Make a simple wooden time capsule with the laser cutter

Step 1: Have an Idea of What You Would Like to Use the Box For.

You can want to sketch this out. So you can brainstorm and save time later.

This is what my sketched look like above. I had to do my sketched three times. So do not give up!

Step 2: Measure

Get a ruler and measure everything out. I recommend making a prototype.

Measure your length, width, and hight.

Step 3: Make Your Blue Prints

Go to the website

Put all your measurements in the box designer.

Do not forget to measure your material thickness.

Step 4: Save As a "PDF"

Click the "Design it!' button to save it.

Step 5: Open Https://

Click " Got it, go to designer"

Step 6: File

In the top left corner

Step 7: Import, Place Image

Step 8: Click Your File

Step 9: Adjust If Need

If you need to delete some lines add text to do it now

I did not for this project

Step 10: File, Export, Save As a (svg.)

Step 11: Materials

By your minerals at your local home mantle store

I got my materials at Home Depot


Wood glue:

Acrylic Paint:

Step 12:

Step 13: Open Your File in Adobe Illustrator

You will need to covert your file so the laser cutter can use it.

Step 14: Converting You File to Something the Laser Cutter Can Read.

  1. Open up Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Open your SVG file
  3. Choose your selection tool in your toolbox
  4. Click on the line of one of your shapes
  5. Right-click then press “release clipping mask”
  6. Select on the same line Right click and ungroup
  7. Then select the background and delete
  8. Click “File”, “save as”, Convert it to a “Adobe Illustrator (ai)”
  9. Save

Step 15: Cut You Box in the Laser Cutter

Step 16: Glue

To make the glowing prosses faster and pain-free lay your box out flat like the image above and put glue in a straight line. Then assemble the box. You might need an extra pair of hand for this.

Let it sit for 24 hours at least

Step 17: Clamp

Clamp your box.

You can either use 3 clamps or tape

Clamps: You will need 3 claps

Place one clamp on your top and bottom securing them together

The other one goes on the side that is shaped like a square

The last one goes on the rectangle shape side.

Tape: It is the same thing with the clamps just do not be afraid to use a lot of tapes. When you think you are done with the tape add one long piece around all the sides. And one long piece to connect the top and bottom

Step 18: Sand

Sand the aces glue off to make the box smooth

use an 80-100 grade sandpaper. Sand lightly with quick motions.

Repeat as many times as necessary.

Step 19: Optional: Paint

Originally I did not want to paint my box but after looking at some images of design I decided to paint mine.

Step 20: Plan for Paint

Look up some images as your inspiration on how you would like your box to resemble.

Step 21: Tape It Off

Tape off your design if you are doing multiple colors

Step 22: Experiment With Your Colors

Take a scrap wood and experiment with what your finish product would look like. Paint, sand ect.

Step 23: Paint

Step 24: Add a Clear Cote

This will protect and add a gloss finish.

This will be spray paint

Step 25: Spray Paint

Shake well before using it is very important to shake

Don’t spray too close or far

Test the nozzle (Sometimes nozzles sputter a bit and need a spray or two to get going).

Spray about 6 to 8 inches away from your surface and do a thin, even coat while moving the can in a sweeping motion from side to side.

Several thin coats will look much better than one thick coat and will help prevent drips.

Let it dry thoroughly if a second coat is needed, you can repeat the process

Once you're satisfied with the coverage, let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 26: Congrats You Are Done.