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Introduction: Time Machine Gag

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People have been looking for possible ways to travel through time for centuries. I present to you my time machine. It runs on a lot of creativity and a little bit of insanity. But at least it doesn't have to be moving at 88 mph to function properly. :-)


Step 1: Adding the Design

I wanted to keep the design as simple, yet as meaningful, as possible. I chose a minimalist clock design to represent a time machine.

Cut out the clock hands. They should look something like the second image. If it is helpful, print off the image and use it as a pattern. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in a piece of paper and save the round piece. This piece will act as the center of your clock. Glue the circular piece to the very center of the lid of your box. Glue the previously mentioned pieces around the circle, as shown. The goal is for it to resemble a clock face.

Step 2: Materials

A Project Enclosure

A Piece of Copy Paper

A Glue Stick

Step 3: How It Works

Well, you're done with the making process! Congratulations!

At this point, you may be wondering, "How is this a time machine? What am I supposed to do with it?"

Here is the fun part. Set the box out in the open and wait for a friend to ask what it is. Then, keeping a straight face, explain that it is a time machine and that it can transport things through time. Most likely, at this point, they will either have a grin on their faces, or they will think you've gone slightly crazy. Proceed to show them how it works by placing a small object inside of the box. Wait about thirty seconds and then remove it from the box. Nod your head, and note aloud how well it works. At this point, your friend will probably tell you that it isn't a time machine, and that all you did was put something into it, and then take something out of it. You should admit this is true, but smugly assert that the object did come out of the box 30 seconds after you put it in the box, and therefore, the object traveled through time. Your friend will probably look at you funny, and ask you when you started playing corny jokes. Just grin.

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