Introduction: Time Sensor : Easiest Way of Home Automation

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My Friend is fond of keeping fish tank. He has a fish tank and some rare fishes too. But when he goes outside for function, party or a trip, it becomes hard to keep them. So he asked me to make something which can operate his Fish tank's Lights automatically. He need to turn ON lights at 7am and turn OFF at 6pm.

After this, I searched for an electronic circuit which will do so. But it was too complicated. Also tried manual clock but failed. And then finally found one simple solution.

I used only one single timer. And connected some accessories so as it can be used for anything. It is too simple that ANY PERSON CAN MAKE it easliy whether one is from any field

Its general problem with everyone, whether one want to water his plants daily or control any appliance. Whether one want to turn ON exhaust before going to his worksop so as to get fresh air. There are many possibilities.

Now you can control Motor, Pump, Lights or any electric appliance easily.

Also can be connected to any actuator as ON OFF switch (Solenoid, Fluid Valve etc)

Step 1: What Did You Require ??

You will require these components

  • Digital Timer TM619 ( You can found this on amazon or ebay , search 'digital timer' or 'TM619' )
  • Electric plastic Box
  • 3 Pin Sockets
  • 3 Pin Plug
  • 3 core mains chord
  • single strand electrical wire
  • Some flat connectors to connect Timer.

My Costings = ( Rs.650 Timer + Rs.60 Box + Rs.40 Sockets + Rs.100 Cable) = Rs.850 (13$)

Step 2: Other Options for TImer

As said, frontier timer is what I used for my convenience.

Here are some other options

1) ds 1307 (Timer 8 pin IC) + Arduino + Relays

This will give more versatile timer with more functions. But is also more complicated and will require DC source. More parts. I will recommend to use this if you are confident about combining DC, AC, electronics and electrical.

2) IC LM8560 Circuit

Here is the link. This is basic clock and alarm circuit. With some arrangement removing speaker, relay can be used

3) PLC Timers like this one

Above are given some other options for single piece timer

I choosed simple one because any person can make this easily. It is not necessary that one must be from technical field to make this.

Step 3: Digital Timer TM619

First of all let me clear that I am not promoting this product. I only found this item good and effective.

You can also use any other available timer.

There are various models of TM 619

TM 619 , TM 619 L , TM 619 H

Also each has different input and operating voltages. So make sure you are choosing correct timer with correct voltage.

I used this TM619H (240V AC)

My model can sustain 30A current at 240V AC

But we doesn't require that much current and power. So I choosed basic 5A rating Box and Sockets (15A is also available).

So choose all parts (Sockets, timer, wires) according to your requirement of current and power.

Power = Voltage X Current = 250V X 5A = 1250W (general)

So I can give load upto 1.25KW

Things to confirm while buying timer

  • Input / operating voltage
  • Maximum load / current that can be sustained.

Step 4: Cutting and Placing Parts

Tke the box and make space to fit timer and sockets. Use drill and hacksaw blade for cut.
Make slot for mains chord. Then finish the edges so as to get smooth finish (for timer slot)
Make holes for screws and fix timer and sockets in the holes. Make sure they are fixed firmly.

I used 2 sockets so as to control 2 objects at a time.

Any no. of sockets can be used (1 is also sufficient)

Only keep in mind that load should not exceed max. values.

Step 5: Connections

Make connections as per the Diagram. ( This is only for TM619 H )

For other models connections will be given in the manual.

Those who are now to electricals -

Right side pin of the socket when seen from front is LIVE. So make connections accoding to it. also these are written on plug and socket.

TM619 acts as a switch which operates on time set.

Use single strand wire for in box connections (if not found then mains wire can also be used)

Use stopper such as I used in order to avoid cable to come out of the box.

Step 6: Finish !!!

Now simply connect anything you want. It's portable and can be used for any device.

If you have any suggestion or any good alternative for timer let me know.

Thank you !!!

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