Introduction: Time and Temperature With LCD and Arduino (FIXED)

Hello everyone!

My name is Samuele, I'm 14 and I come from Sicily...I'm a new entry in Arduino's world!

I have some experiences with electronics and DIY project, but I started to write some programs on Arduino to simplify my works.

This is my first Instructables project, so you may not well understand's because of my little experience but (maybe) of my english too!

Now let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

To make this project you'll need :

3 potentiometers;

1 push button;

1 2.2k(or more)ohm resistor;

16x2 LCD;

DHT11 (temperature and humidity sensor);

DS3231RTC (Real Time Clock);



Step 2: Schematics

My initial purpose was to make a simple digital clock with temperature and humidity data so...I made it!

I had some difficulties in the schematics too, because there are a lot of cables!

Maybe my schematics are very confused but there's no problem...I wrote them for you :

LCD (16 pins)

pin 1 - gnd

pin 2 - 5v

pin 3 - 1st potentiometer pin (connect pot to ground and 5v)

pin 4 - Arduino D12

pin 5 - gnd

pin 6 - Arduino D11

pin 11 - Arduino D5

pin 12 - Arduino D4

pin 13 - Arduino D3

pin 14 - Arduino D2

pin 15 - 2nd potentiometer pin

pin 16 - gnd

DHT11 :

1st pin (right)- Arduino A3

2nd pin(middle)- 5v

3th pin(left)- gnd

DS3231RTC :

GND- gnd

VCC- 3.3v

SDA- Arduino SDA pin or Arduino A4

SCL- Arduino SCL pin or Arduino A5

Other components :

push button to Arduino D7

3th potentiometer pin to Arduino A0

I added a reset button too....just take a push button and connect it to gnd and Arduino RST pin.

Step 3: Now the Code!

Let's upload the code

You can find it here :

Step 4: We Finished!

Now we can see the code running!

Bye guys!

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