Introduction: Time-lapse With Any Camera, Using Arduino

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you want to capture situations where filming would be entirely impractical, or even impossible. For those moments time-lapse photography is a god-send, until you realize that your camera did not ship with that feature and there seems to be no way around it.

Fret not instructaloid, salvation is here, in the form of a small Arduino sketch which will make your incapable camera capable again! Grab a seat, make some popcorn, and watch the video for how to get it done!

For this instructable you'll need:

1 Arduino (UNO or other board)
1 Micro servo, any brand will work
1 Thin aluminium strip
3 Jumper wires
1 Camera + tripod

For the extended project described towards the end of the video you'll also need:

1 Prototyping board, I used the Perma-Proto Half-sized Breadboard PCB by Adafruit
1 Arduino Pro Mini (instead of the bigger Arduino previously)
2 Kingbright SC56/11HWA 7 segment character displays
2 74HC595N shift registers
1 Toggle switch
1 Pushbutton
1 Rotary encoder
1 10kOhm potentiometer
2 Knobs
1 Enclosure
, whatever will fit all the stuff

So get started on your next time-lapse project already, don't let lack of features stop you. What doesn't exist we build or hack together!

For a closer look at the schematics for this project, find the PDF here:

The link for the Arduino sketches used in this instructable can be downloaded at the following link:

Stay tuned for more videos from Switch & Lever, and check out the rest of the material here on Instructables and YouTube for previous uploads!

Thanks for watching!