Time Machine Tape Streamer...




Introduction: Time Machine Tape Streamer...

Rescued from the past, a old tape streamer made from tape recorder parts and some wood, made years ago.
Unfortunately I wasn't into Instructables yet so no instruct on this one....

This one works by a simple script that runs on the mac computer, it will check if the path to the time-machine backup disk is available (only when the backup utility is active) and will send the command to start to the streamer. The machine then will run on its own spinning backwards and forwards, giving the illusion that it will record the data on tape. (in reality it is copied to a time-capsule)

I love these machines from the old computer days, now I have the modern Arduino version at home running.
My Thanks to Mr slijkhuis for the computer script...

Youtube explanation after the click...

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    5 years ago

    im intrested to the transport!! is it made using arduino? and if yes can you please explain!?