Introduction: TimeLaps Machine

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He got me on the occasion of the old Soviet-timer relay inside the engine proved to AC 220V 50Hz. When you turn on the circuit, the wheel timer makes a complete revolution in about 5 minutes. With the devices were removed contact pairs, solenoid drive and clamps arrows. On the vacated seat was installed the battery compartment, carved out of children's cars on the radio. Microswitch set was nowhere, so I decided to turn on the device by installing the battery, thereby closing the supply circuit. For a more accurate setting on the horizon I glued bubble level. To strengthen the case for action camera rotation mechanism, I cut part of the handle and drill the hole. Then I took a standard screw thread for inch and pressed into the resulting hole. To prevent scratching, I stuck to the rubber base pad around the screw. The timer mechanism is present an interesting feature. The drive of the camera is not fixed directly to the shaft of the pinion, and is free to rotate around its axis, and the motion of the pinion is transmitted to the base of the camera through the vertical pin on the gear and the horizontal plate on the shaft area of the camera. The photograph clearly visible pin, which rotates the camera platform itself. It is very convenient because you can shoot video with a first fixed base, then the probe will reach the base plate, the camera will move and get animated video. I tried to remove the test video. At a time when there was no wind - and even got a video without jerks, and when I was shooting in windy weather - noticeable camera jerks in the wind.

Of course - the device can be improved. For example, to add a vertical axis - has one axis of rotation. Such devices are already on the Internet. They are made of a kitchen timer of the company IKEA. Only here on the invention there is nothing. Stick a site for action camera on a kitchen timer not be easy even a first grader. Much more interesting to collect this type of device itself. If further develop this technology, it is possible for example to assemble the rails, which will move our camera, this device on my drive pulley can be put, and instead use a furniture rail guides. Received a budget version of the professional equipment for taymlapsa. You can make a trolley, to strengthen her swivel mechanism and the truck itself put on curved rails, in which case you can get absolutely fantastic video. Unfortunately, it is difficult to adjust the speed of rotation. Then either set the engine speed control in the variable resistor or changing gears. This video was shot in timelaps 1 sec, the camera SjCamSJ4000 + WiFi at maximum settings, in the future, for the quality of the Internet has been reduced to an acceptable minimum. When using Microelectric from the player, batteries to rotate the gears long enough. But due to the large transmission torque - a platform with the camera difficult to stop with two fingers, while the motor continues to rotate it. Alternatively - you can use the mechanism of old mechanical alarm by removing the spring and establish in its place on the engine toys. RegenTech © 2015