Introduction: Timeless Bracelet

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Friendship... one of the best reasons for living. Such a large concept is often represented in a bracelet (friendship bracelet). Friendship being eternal, it would be nice if the bracelet was too. I became very attached to a bracelet I got from a monk in Thailand. I hold it so dear because it reminds me of all that I have. After about 6 months it started falling off, the knot would just loosen and fall apart.

Step 1: Materials/Tools


  • Bracelet
  • Superglue


  • Paperclip

Step 2: Bend

The point of the paper clip is to hold on end of the bracelet, while keeping any loops open for knots.

Step 3: Tie

Tie whatever knot you like, it does not matter. ;)

Step 4: Glue

Once your knot is tied, place a piece of paper between your wrist and the bracelet. Then soak the knot in superglue. Once it is dried, you can remove the paper. Your bracelet should stay on for a lot longer, now that you have glued it.

Step 5: The End

Good luck, with your bracelet. Timeless friendship awaits.

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