Introduction: Tin Can Lamp! Yay!

A compact, neat lamp.
Sorry about the the crappy cam.

Step 1: Teh Lamp

I felt a void in my life I needed something more, this amazing, cheap lamp was just the thing.

I'd also like to thank the maker of the can stove for the idea of the base.

Step 2: Materals

You will need...
- scissors
- electric tape
- two soda cans (or beer)
- old lamp wiring ( make sure that it has a wheel switch)
-bulb socket
- screw driver
- marker
-glue gun
-drill(not shown) or a knife
- coat hanger
-paper (any color)
- pliers

Step 3: Can Cups

Take your two cans and cut them into equal sized cups. Remember to mark them first(the length depends on the length of your bulb socket)

Step 4: Holes

First, mark and drill a hole in the side bottom of the 1st can cup that will let the wires fit through. Next, trace the bulbs socket's head on the 2nd can cup and drill it( you may need to cut the 2nd can cup with scissors to fit . Don't worry about it getting sharp we will fix this later.).

Step 5: Canning

Take a full can of pop and smack the can cup with the little hole against a hard surface. Then pull it out after a few good hits. It is easy to take it off by drinking and crushing the full can after smacking. This makes the can cup larger and easier for the other can cup to fit in it.

Step 6: Wiring

Feed the wires through the small hole in the 1st can cup and attach the wires to the bulb socket. To be safe, use the electrical tape to cover all of the socket except where the bulb fits. Then place the socket in the large hole of the 2nd can cup making sure the bulb can fit into the socket .

Step 7: Fitting

Slide the can cup with the socket hole into the other can. This can be done by making a dent in the in the can cup's rim(the socket cup).

Thanks again can stove man!

Step 8: Guleing

Place the bulb in the socket and test the wiring th see that it works. Then unplug it and glue around the socket's rim (don't glue the bulb to the socket !!!). This will cover the sharp edges of the large socket hole. Next glue the hole that has the wires fed through it to hold them in place. While to socket glue is drying, hold the light bulb straight until the glue is dry.

Step 9: (Extra) Lamp Shade

Cut a 7 1/2 (or more/less as needed) piece of coat hanger.
Take your paper( I used green) and cut it a desired length and width ( i used 11" by 5" piece) , roll it into a tube and
glue it.
Next, place a piece of tape along the coat hanger wire piece and tape it to the inside of the paper tube. Then glue the bottom part of the coat hanger wire to the side of the can.

The compact florescent bulb shouldn't get hot enough to light the paper of melt the glue, but don't let the paper touch the bulb anyway.