Introduction: Tin Can Stash

Welcome. Im going to teach you how to make a tin can secret stash. If you make a tin can stash using these steps please post pictures and any tips you may have in the comments. This is my first instructable, I hope you enjoy.




Large tin can

Jar or container slightly smaller than the can

Side cutting can opener.

Step 1: Step 1; Prep

The most important step for making this kind of stash is how you open the can.

You must use a side opening can opener. This makes for rounded edges so 1, you wont cut your hands and 2, the seam should line back up after you close the secret stash so no one can see that it opens.

When you open the can I would suggest opening it from the bottom, this will make it less noticeable since your average person does not check the bottom of something for a lid.

Once you open the can be sure to wash it out completely.

The next prep will be the jar, or inner container. I chose a pickle jar since I knew it would fit inside the can. Wash out this container as well. If you don't wish to waste anything I suggest putting the contents into Tupperware containers for safe storage.

Step 2: Step 2: Combine

Now to put everything together.

Once everything is dry put super glue on the bottom of the jar and slide the jar into the can. Make sure to get the jar as close to the center as you can. I just guessed but it may be useful to measure out the center. Remember superglue is pretty permanent so you may only get one shot at this.

Once the glue is dry put the lid on the jar, do not tighten too tight or you may not be able to get it off.

Now put super glue on the top of the lid and place the bottom of the can on that, you may need to hold it down a few moments but after that you can leave it alone till the glue drys.

Once dry unscrew the bottom of the can.

Last place some rolled tissues in between the can and the jar like the picture above so it fits a bit tighter, do not cover the threads on the jar.

TIP: If the jar is too deep in the can and the lid does not touch the cans bottom I would suggest using some of the tissue as a spacer. Keep in mind that if you do this you can not glue the jar to the bottom in this case add some glue to the tissue near the top of the jar, this way the jar does not fall out.

Step 3: Step 3: Fill and Hide

All thats left is for you to hide your treasure and place the can some where in your pantry or where ever you put canned food. Have fun.

Step 4: Step 4 : Optional

Since I used a glass jar I found some bubble wrap I had lying around. I cut a square out for the bottom and a rectangle to wrap around the inside. I felt this was a nice touch if you have coins or keys inside that you do not want to rattle around. I added some super glue so the bubble wrap would not slide around.

TIP: If you do not have bubble wrap I suggest you wrap your treasure in paper towels or a rag, this will also eliminate rattle sounds.