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Introduction: Tin Foil Crown

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My husband has directed and put on many Middle School Plays in the past where I have been called upon to help with props. I love being creative and wanted to make a crown using tin foil so he could add it to his Costume Shop for his students.

This only took me a couple hours to make with minimal supplies. This would be a great activity for parents to do with young children or an older child can also do this independently.

Hope you have fun making your Tin Foil Crown as much as I did!


- Tin Foil
- Ruler or Measuring tape
- Paper
- Sissors
- Hot Glue Gun
- Dull Pencil or Embossing Tool for Clay
- Black Shoe Polish
- Blank Paper
- 1 Pair of Disposable Gloves
- Old Cloth that you can throw away when done with this project
- Shoe Polish Brush
- Red Sharpie
- Purple Sharpie

Step 1: Making of the Head Band

- First thing you will need to do is to measure your head using your tape measure.
- Measure out the tin foil to the required length.
- Fold up your crown length wise like a hot dog in 1 inch sections.
- Before you get to the end, fold the end into the middle.
- By doing this there is no loose seam.
- Do not fold the last 1 inch fold as we need to decorate first.
- Using either a dull pencil or an embossing tool, you may decorate your crown as you like.
- I did dots, diamonds and a S shape.
- Once you are done decorating, flip your crown over and glue the crown together using your hot glue gun.
- Fold your crown in half like a hot dog.
- Your base crown is finished.

Step 2: Giving the Crown It’s Patina

- The "patina" is a discoloring of metal and it makes the metal look old. For this step we are going to use shoe polish to mimic a patina.
- You will need black shoe polish, an old rag you can throw out, paper, shoe polish brush and disposable gloves.
- Dipping your rag into your polish, rub it onto your crown.
- Don’t worry if it is too dark.
- Next use the shoe polish brush and go over the section you just did.
- This will lighten up the area but show case the design.
- Continue working along the crown working in small sections.

Step 3: Making the Hearts

- You will need one sheet of tin foil.
- It does not matter the length.
- Fold the piece of tin foil length ways like a hot dog three times.
- Each fold should be around 3 inches wide.
- Now mark the tin foil every 3 inches.
- Cut out those sections.
- Unfold the section and cut that into half.
- Take one of the sections and your tape measure.
- Turn the section length wise like a hot dog and fold the tin foil up 1 cm.
- Continue folding the tin foil for the whole section.
- Now you can twist, turn and crumple the tin foil, bending it into the shape of a heart.
- Do this method to all of your tin foil sections until all of your hearts are made.

Step 4: Secure the Hearts Onto the Crown.

- You will need all of your hearts, crown and hot glue gun for this section.
- Once your hot glue is warm, take one of your hearts and carefully apply a small drop of glue to the bottom of the heart.
- Place your heart near the top of the crown inside.
- Repeat this process until all of your hearts have been placed.

Step 5: Let’s Add Some Colour!

- I used a Red and Purple Sharpie to add some colour to the Crown.
- I drew the red onto the dots, and coloured in the diamonds with the purple sharpie.

Step 6: A Crown Fit for a King!

- Now your crown is finished.
- Enjoy your costume play or just wearing it for fun.

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