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Introduction: Tinfoil Flower

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Hello Friends,

Today am going to show you how to make perfect flowers using tinfoil, you can use these flowers to keep in flower vase or you can keep this in showcase.

lets get in to preparing flower.

Step 1: Items Needed

Only 4 items is needed to prepare this flower.

1, waste paper

2, double side tape, normal tape

3, sissor or cutter

4, tinfoil or aluminium foil

Step 2: Prepare the Stem

First step is to prepare the stem.

1, Take the waste paper and just roll it tightly to form a stick, refer Image 1

2, Once you rolled the paper like stick, secure the ends with tape or glu.

3, Leave 2 inch at any of the side and cut it because when we roll the paper, both the ends of stick will be light and the middle part of stick will he strong. so to avoid the weakest side we need to cut one end. refer image 3

Step 3: Prepare the Flower Petals

1, Cut the tinfoil 6cm length and 2cm breadth refer image 1

2, Once we cut the foil in to required size we need to cut those individual pieces of foil to look like flower petals, you may cut it like any shape of your choice but make sure it like petals. refer image 2

3, Once you cut the petals we need to remove the textures which is in foil, we need to make the foil smooth for that refer image 3 just hold your pen in hand and keep the foil above the pen and hold the foil with your thumb finger and pull one end of the foil with other hand, once you do this the foil will be smooth without textures or maiks.

Step 4: Prepare the Stick for Assembling the Petals

1, Get the double sided tape and just paste it on the thick side of the paper stick. refer image 1, 2, 3 4

Note : We are going to fix the petals on the double sided tape,

Step 5: Prepare Filaments and Attach to the Stick

1, take small piece of tinfoil and cut it like image 1

2, once you cut it down just roll the foil on to the double sided tape ( just attach it to the corner part of double sided tape. Refer image 2 and 3

3, Once you rolled the filament secure the end of the foil with tape or glu.

Step 6: Start Attaching the Petals

1, Start attaching the petals one by one, have five or 6 petals on one row depending on the size of petals.

2, Once attaching the petals in row secure it with a tape so that petals wont fall of from double sided tape.

3, you can add 2 to 3 layers of petals to have good look. refer images for understanding.

Step 7: Prepare the Leaf and Attach to Stem

1, Take small piece of foil and cut it to the shape of a leaf.

2, keep the leaf side by side and just secure it with tape or glu. refer image 2

Step 8: That's It Our Foil Flower Is Ready

Wow we have done it, It loos pretty right.

Yeah, i just made only one if you could add few more like this it will be looking really good.

don't wait friends try yourself and showcase your talents.

Thank you Bye.

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