Introduction: Ting Liu DIY ARTD252: Earring Holder

This is my DIY project for ARTD252, I made a earring holder which is a castle with bunches of fences around it, also, I made stairs, trees and lawn to decorate the castle,as well as the mail box. For me, I like collecting earrings very much. But, those earring holders in stores do not attract me at all, so, I wanna make a earring holder that has the style that I prefer. As we can see here, It's kind of cute, and this is what I always want.

Material Needed:
Blue and White hardboard
purple paper
plastic green brunches
small crystal ball

Step 1:
Draw out the shapes of fences and circles for roof on purple paper as well as rectangle for castle wall, then, rectangle for defnce wall on white hardboard, and rectangle for stairs on blue hardboard.

Step 2:
Cut these shapes, and make three sticks for connecting fences by using blue hardboard.

Step 3:
Glue the fences on the ground board and glue stairs together, making them stand on the ground board.

Step 4:
Cut 1/3 area out of the two cirlces for castle roofs, and staple the two edges together to make the pointy shape. Also, staple the two rectangles' edges to make two column, and glue the roofs and castle walls together.

Step 5:
Glue the rectangle blue hardboard,rectangle paper, and the stick together to make the mail box. Then, glue it on the ground board to make it stand.

Step 6:
Get the small crystal balls(which I got from the Christmans circle), and twine them on a stick to make the street light. Then, glue the street light beside the castles. Then, get the plastic green brunches( from the Christman circle) to make the trees, and glue them on the ground board.

Step 7:
Get the rectangle white hardboard, make each of them a concave on the top of one edge. And glue three of them together to make one side defence wall. Then, glue two of them to make another side defence wall. Do this one more time to make four defence walls. Then, glue all of them on the ground board.

Step 8:
Punch the edges of the roofs to hang on  earrings, and hang on eaarring on the fences, defence wall, castles, mailbox, trees, and street lights. Then, put some earrings on the stairs.