Introduction: Tinkcercad Entry Desk Tidy

Hi guys! I am a student using Tinkercad, and this is my entry for the competition. I decided to create a desk tidy in tinkercad.

Step 1: Create the Base

First of all we need to create a base for the desk tidy. For this all we need to do is drag a cube and shape it out to a nice flat rectangle. My dimensions were 131 x 128 and a height of 10.

Step 2: the Pencil Holder.

Next, we need to create the pencil holder. For this, we grab a cylinder and shape it. My dimensions were 25 x 25 and a height of 33.

Step 3: The Pencils.

After that we create the pencils. This wasn't necessary, but it looks good. Just drag a pencil from the 'At home' tab. Then just size it appropriately. My dimensions were about 15 x 22 and a height of 58. Note: This isn't to scale in the real world. After that just drag it into the cylinder, check it is in the right position and group it.

Step 4: Duplication.

Just duplicate the pencil holder, and then position them onto the base of the desk tidy.

Step 5: Cup.

After that, grab a cup, and size it appropriately. Go ahead and put it next to the pencils.

Step 6: Eraser.

Just grab a cube and size it to look like an eraser. You could position it wherever you have space.

Step 7: Book/iPad/Computer

This step isn't necessary, but I just wanted to show that there is still room for a book/device. If you want to recreate a book/device, just grab a cube and size it so it looks like what you want. If you were making an iPad, you could even build a stand for it.

Step 8: And There You Have It!

And that was how to make a desk tidy in Tinkercad. Note: Remember to group everything at the end. If you have a 3d printer, you could print it out. Thank you for your time, and good luck to all my competitors!