Minions for 3d Printing(TinkerCAD).

Introduction: Minions for 3d Printing(TinkerCAD).

Hello guys, here s how you can easily create an tinker CAD minion. Enjoy doing it.

Step 1: Making Body.

Join a Cylinder and a semi circle for the body. Then copy the same and invert it to make the lower body as shown in the image.

Step 2: Editing the Body

Then again make a duplicate of it and cut the part as shown in figure 2.Now change the colour to blue and fix in the lower body.Now make a blue ring out of the semi cylinder and fix it on upper body as shown. Now place to small rectangles in the middle body to cut it as shown.Then you get a figer like in the figure 8.

Step 3: Making Eye's

Make to circles of the same size and fix it in the eye region.Then cut some of the inner portion and make it white colour. Now fix the eyeballs inside and finish the eye part. now your figure will look like figure 5.

Step 4: Making the Hand

Fix a thin cylinder in the middle portion and at the end cover it with another cylinder for the fingers to be made. Now make 3 small black thin cylinders and fix them for the fingers as shown in figure 3. Make the same attachment on the other side of the body and adjust the hand as the way you wish.At the end your figure will look like image 4.

Step 5: Making Mouth and Legs.

Take a circle, minimize it to the shape of mouth. Now cut the part to get the mouth.

Take a cylinder and lower its size to the size of the shoe you want . Reduce the steps of the cylinder to get the shoe shape. Now your figure looks same as image 3.

Insert a symbol of the minion in the middle in the colour of black.

Step 6: Minion Is Ready

Edit the minion of your choice in the way you love and get satisfied with what you make. the images show different types o minions you can make.

Thank you

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

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    Thank you for sharing your design :-)


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