Introduction: Tinker CAD Snack Scene

Hi guys. Want to make a interesting and easy snack scene with bread, tea, jam!!! Check out the instructable and get to know more. Yeah lets start.


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Step 1: Making the Cup and Saucer

Take the paraboloid shape and cut the top part and invert it. IT becomes the shape of the cup. Extend it to needed size and make a text mark of your choice in the cup. Take a ring and atach it as handle for the cup.

Now take a circle and make the plate.

Step 2: Making the Spoon and Bread

Take a oval shape and a simple rectangle shape and adjust both of them in shape of a spoon and merge them.

Take two rectangles for bread and colour them with one dark and other in a light colour. Attach them in shape of bread.

Take a cylinder and a half sphere for the jam bottle and complete them.

Now give your favourite colours to all of them.

Check out the images for perfect model.

Step 3: Preview

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