Introduction: Tinker CAD Working Whistle(Moving)

This is a working whistle in which you can enjoy whistling. There is a ball inside it which helps to produce the sound when it is blown.This comes under the moving category were it is a working model, Check out the steps, create, 3d print and enjoy whistling.

Step 1: Step:1

Take a cylinder shape, minimise its size and then set the measurment to 35,35 on both the sides for a perfect circle. Now change the radius of the circle to 1.5. Check out the inserted images for measurement.

Step 2: Step:2

Now take a cube, minimise its size. Set the breadth of the cube to 10 and it become cuboid. Set the length of the cuboid to 35. Now assemble both the circle and the cuboid as shown in the inserted images. Check out the inserted images for measurement.

Step 3: Making the Base of Whistle

As assembled in the last step merge them both and make a copy of the orginal one for inserting it in the top layer.

Now take a cube change its size as shown in the image and make it as hole image in order to cut them. Refer the inserted image for more clarity.

Step 4: Making the Inner Part

Now take a cylinder and change its height to 13 and other measurment to 5 as shown in the image. Alter the image size as shown in the inserted image. Then take a cuboid and adjust it as shown in the last image for air outlet area. Do check all the inserted images for clear steps and understanding.

Step 5: Finishing the Whistle(Inserting Ball)

Now select all and group the design, after grouping your design your figure will look like the image inserted. Now take a sphere shape and minimise is size and change the measurement to 5 in all aspects, check out the image for the measurement. Place the ball inside the created design, and raise its height until the middle of the design. Now cover the copy of the base on the top and group you design. Now change the colour to whatever colour and alter your model in your wish. Now the working 3D printed whistle is ready.

Step 6: Design

Change the colour and design as you wish, check out my image. I suggest you to have white colour because it look a way attractive.

Step 7: Tutorial

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