Introduction: Tinker Marble Maze

This is a maze created in TinkerCAD. You can use this as a 3D printed object or export the svg vector to use on a laser cutter.

Step 1: Step 1: Scribble Tool

Use the scribble tool to create a maze. You will use the brush tool to draw the line. Use the shape tool to make start and finish boxes. Draw the maze. You can always undo segments, so you might want to draw in small parts. The erase tool can also help fix any mistakes you make. When you are happy with the product, you click done and the scribble will be added to the workspace.

Step 2: Step 2: Create the Maze Border and Base

Now we are ready to add the border and base. The box tool allows us to create a shape to surround the scribble maze. Make the height less than the height of the scribble. Drag and stretch the box to surround the entire maze. Select the maze and raise it at least 1 unit. While the maze is selected, select the hole feature to make it cut. Group the maze and the box. Resize the group to your liking by dragging the corners. If you want to add text for a start and finish you can. You could also add more features if you are 3D printing like tunnels or other objects.

Step 3: Step 3: Export for 3D Printing or Laser Cutting

To 3D print, just select export and choose .stl or .obj. To do laser cutting, you need to get the scribble isolated. I had the best luck by ungrouping the objects. double click on the maze scribble to turn the feature back to solid. I cut and copied my scribble maze into a new design to make the next step a little easier. Export the .svg file. I was able to load this file into Adobe Illustrator for further editing for my laser cutter.

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