Introduction: TinkerCAD Potato Holder

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Hello! Today I will be teaching you how to create a potato holder for skinning your potato. It also puts a hole in the potato for instapots, or for filling it with sides for baked potatoes. The only supplies you are going to need is TinkerCAD and a 3D printer.

Step 1: The Base

When you open TinkerCAD the first thing you will do is place a cylinder. You can place it anywhere, but I put it near the center. Click the corner, then click the numbers on the side and enter 102 on each side. TinkerCAD uses millimetres, so 102 millimetres would equal 4 inches.

Step 2: The Center

This is the step where we make the center. This is what will hold the potato. You will put the Workplane tool on top of our base, which raises the plane to above the base. With the Workplane raised, You then put another cylinder on top of the base. Then, using the align tool, you will press the center dot of all of the rows except the vertical row (see pictures for details. The dots are highlighted red.) using the centered pole, raise it to whatever size you like. I chose 100. Then lower the pole 10 millimetres into the base.

Step 3: The Top and Completion

Using the Workspace tool from the previous step, place it on top of the pole that you made. Then, place a cone on the pole. Then realign them like you did last step. On the second row down from the top, there is an image of a square and circle merged. First highlight all of the pieces, then click that image to merge the two together. Congrats! Your finished. All that's left is customization. If you click on the shape tab, it will give you the options of hole and solid. DO NOT CLICK HOLE. It will turn the potato holder into a mold for something else. Instead, click solid, which will bring up a color chart. Have fun customizing your finished potato holder.

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