TinkerCAD Sports Glider

Introduction: TinkerCAD Sports Glider

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For this you are going to make a sports glider in the TinkerCAD website

the parts for it are in the step after this

Step 1: Video

here is a video

Step 2: Open the Workplane and Download Your Shapes

first step is to open your workplane in TinkerCAD and download the shapes below.

I already have all of my shapes set up for how I will build this

(ADD ONS: get a 2 text shapes and put your first and last name like mine)

PS: you may not use all of the shapes if you don't want to as I have done.

Step 3: Put Together the Body of the Glider

put together the wings and the body of your glider then using a transparent or hole shape take of the top of the body that is sticking out of the top of the center. After that put together your back wings by combining the fins anyway you want or you could do it like I have

Step 4: Finish the Job

after you have grouped the back fins and the rest of the body, add the back fins to the glider and group them to add them to the design. once you have done this you can have fun looking and showing off your glider to freinds and family

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