Introduction: TinkerCAD - the Super Spud Sender

For sending spuds.

Step 1: Base and Arms

For this step, simply use three “boxes” from the TinkerCAD editor put together as shown.

Step 2: Add the Axel

For this step, get a cylinder and turn it 90 degrees, then set it between the bars.

Step 3: The Lever

This is probably the hardest step. First, you need to grab another “box” piece, then you turn it and stretch it. Note: this may take some repositioning.

Step 4: Add the Spud Basket

To do this step, it is recommended that you assemble it to the side, then attach it. First, you should take a cylinder and make it very thin. Then, make it larger, and be sure to note it’s length and width. Next, take a “tube” piece and make it the same length and width as the cylinder. When you are done that, click on both of the pieces, one after another, then turn them and attach them to the arm.

Step 5: Fire!

Send those Spuds Flying! Note: this has not been tested, so beware printing.

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