Tinkerbell in a Lantern

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 THe lantern is made from cardboard. I closed in three sides with clear sheets of plastic . The plastic windows are from poster frames I bought at thrift stores. The plastic could easily be cut with scissors or a razor blade. I taped the cardboard together, then paper mached and painted over that.
   THe Tinkerbell out fit is made with a tulle skirt and a satin top. I did not use a pattern,but there are many commercially available patterns for this type of costume. However, anyone with basic sewing skills could easily make a simple Tinkerbell costume like mine.
   I made the wings out of wire and nylons ,but most dollars stores sell simple wings like these.
    I bought shoes at a thrift store and painted them green and glued on a white pom pom. The white tights are from a thrift store ,also.

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