Introduction: Tinkercad Animation and Render (free)

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I am a maker from a FabLab Maker Atolye in Istanbul.

This is my first instructable :)

My aim is to create a humanoid robot like model and animate it. Also to do it for free!!

My inspiration for humanoid robot is some google image search results

Step 1: Step 1: Some Tinkering

Since using it is for free Tinkercad is the best solution to create a humanoid bot in my case.

I have created a gif animation for you to watch

Its not a special design but you can examine the parts in tinkercad

Export the parts in obj format, now you have a zip file that has obj and mtl file in it.

Step 2: Free Animation With Mixamo!

Mixamo is a free tool from Adobe for character animation. Open a free account on

Upload the zip file you downloaded from tinkercad. This way the material file will be added.

Be carefull on these during upload

-rotate your model correctly since it will come upside down by default

-make sure your rigs are correctly placed. (left wrist on the left side of your mecha)

After the upload choose an animation from the left column and double click it.

It will start to show the animation with your model. Check that the arm space during animation and set it to correct size if necessary.

If you think you are ready download the fbx file from download bar

Step 3: Sketchfab Tools

Now you upload your model to sketchfab and share with people to experience your design.

First you open a free account on

There is a very enjoyable part I like on sketchfab. You can change the materials of every single color you modeled in tinkercad. So I changed my all materials to metal and made them shiny :)

You can look at my model on sketchfab

This models and creation took only 10 minutes so if you create a better animation with better models please let me know

Have fun!

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