Introduction: Tinkercad Bunny Hopper

During my home schooling, I was learning about gears and playing with Lego. My younger sister likes bunnies, was very bored and was always looking for something new to do. That's when I came up with the Bunny Hopper. The Bunny Hopper is a two player game with bunnies. The goal of the game is to feed the bunny four or more carrots so he will stop eating the grass. To feed the bunny, you have to throw carrots at him and if they fall into his basket it means you fed him. To make the game harder you only have five carrots and the bunny hops up and down when you turn a crank. One player turns the crank while the other throws the carrots and then you switch.

Step 1: The Grass

To create the grass for the bunny hopper you start by making a 20 x 20 x 1 mm brown cuboid for the base. Then make 0.5 x 0.5 mm green cylinders that are 30 to 42 mm tall. The next step is to cover the cuboid with the cylinders. Select the cylinders and the cuboid and group them together. Finally, copy and paste 24 of them and put them together in a 4 x 6 rectangle. Now you have your Bunny Hopper grass.

Step 2: The Background and Some of the Gears

Now we need to make the blue sky for the background. First you create a 6 mm x 120 mm rectangle that is 120 mm tall. Put the rectangle behind the grass. The next step is to make two cylinder holes in the middle of the rectangle, one 25 mm off the ground and the other 75 mm off the ground. Now add cylinders in the holes sticking out 2 mm on the side facing the grass . Finally, add 2 gears with 20 teeth that are 2 mm thick on the end of each cylinder facing the grass.

Step 3: Final Gear and Crank

Start by making a cylinder hole 8 mm x 8 mm and 32 mm long. Move the cylinder hole 25 mm off the ground and 25 mm away from the middle of the background. Then make another cylinder the same size and add it in the hole stinking out 2 mm on the side that the grass is on. The next step is to add a gear with 9 teeth on the side that the grass is on. You now have three gears on the grass side of the background.

Finally we are going to finish the crank handle. Attach a 3 mm x 20 mm x 7 mm rectangle on the side of the cylinder that is not facing the grass.

Step 4: The Final Items

Start by making a 2 mm x 2 mm x 52 mm green rectangle and connect it to both of the big gears as shown in the image above . To make the basket you get two cylinders one a little bigger than the other. Make the small cylinder into a hole and put it in the big one. Attach the basket to the green rectangle.

Finally to make the bunny, find the bunny ear pieces and add them on to a white sphere. Add two small cylinders for the eyes. Finally use the scribble piece to make the mouth. Attach the bunny to the green rectangle.

Last but not lest the carrots. To make them create a cone turn it upside down. Add a sphere on top of the cone half in half out. Finally add some very small green cylinders sticking out of the top.

Now you have a Bunny Hopper

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