Introduction: Tinkercad Camping Forest Contest (landscape)

This is an instructable on how to make a forest with tinkercad

Step 1: Setup

First, on the bottom right-hand corner, click on edit grid and change the units to inches, and make it 40 by 40

(the biggest it can be).

Step 2: Terrain

On the right side of your screen, where you see (basic shapes) go click on it, scroll to shape generators and click on all, scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner where the page numbers are. Then scroll down until you find

the Terrain shape and drag it to the platform, and make it cover the entire workspace, click the cone-shaped arrow on the terrain and drag it up a bit, when you see The numbers next to the arrow, click on it and make it 0.1.

Step 3: Tent

Go to the right bar and change it back to basic shapes, then scroll down until you find the shape that says "roof"

and drag it, make the length 21, the width 14, and the height 10, and move it where you want it, The drag another roof, go to the shape icon and click on the transparent circle, that makes it a hole, then make the shape slightly smaller than your original one, but have the same length, drag it in the first shape, but make sure it only passes through one side of the shape but not the other. Select both shapes, on the toolbar, hover over the tool that says align, and align the shapes by clicking a middle circle on only the width side of the shape, then click on the tool that says "group". The on the shape menu, drag the cylinder to the front of the tent length but the middle of the tent width, make it the same height as your tent.

Step 4: Campfire

Go to the shape menu and drag the shape "Icosahedron" and drag 7 of them in a circle. The go to cone, and make the height 4, and make it 3/4 by 3/4 , make four of them and place in inside the Icosahedron circle. Change the color to orange, and make it transparent. Then make a copy of the same cone, and make it yellow, and put it in the middle of the 4 triangles, duplacate the cone, drag it above the yellow cone, and make it orange.

Step 5: Tree

Take another cylinder, make it brown, make it 1 by 1 and 10 in tall, place it wherever you want. Make a 10 by 10 cone, 7 in tall, make the altitude 8, make it green then align both sides it with the branch, after that, drag the cone up by 7. Duplicate the cone, drag it up to 10, make it 8 by 8 and align it, then duplacate that one, make it 7 by 7 and drag it up and make the altitude 13 and align it. If you want to make more, select the tree, copy and paste

Step 6: Extra

1. Make a river by going to shape generators and click all, drag the shape that says 3d z dependent, make it 36 by 4, drag it anywhere, make it light blue and transparent.

2. go to page 17 and drag the asteroid and make it gray and make it bigger , if you want rocks, and put as much as you want

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