Introduction: Editing

Learn to use the editing tools.
E.g, reshaping,color,depth ..e.t.c
Also,placement matters.
Like this one above.
There is also a copy and paste tool to avoid long work.
Also,by the right hand side,you should see material used for the construction.
These are what you would use to make the object or image you want to produce in 3d

Step 1: Step 2

Get the rod from the tool bar.
This would stay to hold the propeller.
Resize it also to suit the box size.

*I had to change the color of mine.*
It should come out like that of the last pic

Step 2: Tinkercad Drone

This is a drone with arduino connections.
Tinkercad helps people in 3d development, and helps the majority of people who dont have access to 3d editing software's.
This would give a large field to more innovation.

Step 3: Step 1

Drag the box from the tools and resize to a desired shape

Step 4: Step 3

Draper and drop the fidget spinner tool.
This looks like a propeller so I used it.
Place it on the hole of the rod.
I also found out that there are electronics,
So I added the arduino and battery.

Step 5: Step 4

I added motor for it to look a bit realistic.
For the motor, you would see an arrow at the top of the element..
This would enable you move it either up or down.
Then I used some sort of spiral element which I changed the color.

Yours should be better than this!!!!