Introduction: Tinkercad- Skatepark (scene)

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◦ Here is my guide on how to create a skatepark in Tinkercad.

◦ I created this for the Tinkercad Student Design Contest.


◦ Access to Tinkercad!

◦ Paper and pen/ pencil (optional)

Step 1: Planning the Design

◦ To start, I made a list of ideas of elements I want to include in my Skatepark (below)

- half pipe

- quarter pipe

-stair set

- grind box

- ramps

- spine

- flat rail

◦ Next, I drew my design on paper, which makes it easier later on to create on Tinkercad.

Step 2: Creating Project

◦ Firstly, open up a new document in Tinkercad.

◦ Press 'edit grid' in the bottom right hand corner and change the dimensions to Width: 300, Length: 200 (in mm)- (not true to real size).

◦ For the main platform, create a 'L' shape using 2 combined boxes, extend it upwards and change the colour to grey, (like concrete).

Step 3: Lower Section

◦ In this section I created 3 items: 2 ramps and a stair set.

1) ◦ Split the section in the 'hook' of the L shape you have created into 3 sections

2) ◦ To create the 1st ramp (picture 1), use the 'wedge' shape and create a triangular prism. At the top I added coping- use the cylinder shape and shrink it down to the size of the ramp. Make sure to change the colour of the ramps to grey!

3) ◦ To create the stairs, use the box shape, extend it out and add a smaller box 'hole' cutting into it, and combine to create 1 stair. Repeat this process of cutting into the shape with another box, creating more stairs, until you have reached the work-plane

4) ◦ To make the last ramp, you will need to create a box shape extending from the main platform. Next, create a box of the same width cutting into the main platform. Use the hole feature and combine the shapes. Then, place a wedge inside the box hole that you have just made to create a ramp that extends through the main platform to the shorter box. (picture 8)

5) ◦ I added an overhang to the short box. To do this simply add another box hole cutting into the short box and combine the shapes.

The finished section should look like picture 9!

(View the images above for reference)

Step 4: Quarter Pipes and Rail

◦ At the corner of the L shape, create a box, and a cylinder hole overlapping the end (picture 1). Next, combine the shapes.

◦ Repeat this process to create a smaller quarter pipe next to it. Your project should now look like picture 4.

◦ To create a rail, use 3 shrunk down cylinders (2 for the base and 1 longer one) and combine them. (picture 5).

◦ Opposite the quarter pipes, make a small ramp by combining a box and a wedge.

◦ Your design should now look like picture 7.

Step 5: Spine

◦ To create this I duplicated the smaller quarter pipe twice and shortened it using a box hole.

◦ I added coping on top using the cylinder shape by duplicated the coping from the first ramp I made.

◦ I placed it in the same line as the smaller quarter pipe

Step 6: Half Pipe

◦ To create the half pipe, use the long section of the L shape and create an upside down round roof hole. Lower it into the main platform and combine the shapes

◦ To raise one side like picture 2, duplicate the small quarter pipe and shrink it sideways and extend it lengthwise. Add a wedge to create a gradient on the opposite side. (picture 3)

◦ I added coping at either side by duplicating the cylinder from the spine

◦ After making this I added another rail parallel to the half pipe.

Step 7: Additions to Skatepark

◦ I created a dome using the paraboloid shape.

◦ Make sure to change everything to the same colour!

◦ Your design should now look like picture 2.

Step 8: Details

◦ Detail 1: Plants

Create this by making a hollow box with 1 open end- combine a box and a box hole. Use a cylinder and the paraboloid shape to create 4 trees inside the box- you could change the colours for more contrast.

◦ Detail 2: Chairs and table

Use 2 cylinders for the table legs, and a flat box for the top. Use boxes for chairs, create multiple and place them around the table.

◦ Detail 3: Street Lights

Use a cylinder and a round roof shape to create these, duplicate twice and place around your skatepark.

(During this step I also created a base plate for the ground the same colour as the rest of the skatepark.)

Step 9: Finished!

◦ Here is the finished project!

◦ To personalise it you could re-arrange the items inside the park, add more or less of each one, add some other elements from the list I made at the start or change around the colours!

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