Introduction: Tiny Acorn Light Bulbs!!!

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Apparently I like lamps. Of all kinds. I just figure that out. If you think about it, good lighting can set the tune of any room. Warm light makes me calm and relaxed, while bright white lights always remind me of hospitals.

Anyway! We all need lighting for our rooms, and so why not make them ourselves?? So I've been thinking about it, and I figured I should go look for lamp ideas outdoors, because what's better than ideas inspired by nature??

Ever since I saw a bunch of acorns last winter I've been waiting to make this project. I was thinking of turning an acorn shell into a tiny light bulb. I had to wait for so many months for fresh ones to grow, since the once I found were completely broken. So after waiting for so long, I present you these tiny acorn light bulbs!!!!

Hope you like them an make your own!! There are so many things you can do with them!!

P.S, I think this is a great project to do with the kids! you can go for a hike looking for acorns and then the instructable itself is very simple. Please vote for me in the 'After School' contest and help me win for the first time!! :D



You'll needs (Materials) -

1) Acorn shells of your favorite size. Everyone has their favorite size.

2) Glass spheres with a pre-made hole in them (I found some here). These are really cheap, but make sure you get some that fit the size of your acorns!

3) Tiny led lights that will fit into the glass sphere (I bought these). You can use anything you like, but make sure they fit into the sphere. Also, try to use some that have a nice wire or make your own. I personally like the copper wires.

You'll also need (Tools) -

1) Hot glue gun

2) Some mechanical tool to make holes in acorns. I recommend using a small wood-drill bit.

Step 1: Making Tiny Acorn Light Bulbs!

We're already making acorn light bulbs?? YES!

It's very simple, but you should take your time - Acorns damage easily: their shells could crumble or even break into two if you try to apply too much force.

First, I suggest you coat the acorns using some clear wood paint. This is not crucial but it would make your light bulbs last much longer.

Using a wood drill bit, slowly make a single hole at the bottom of each acorn shell. The hole should be as small as possible, but make sure that your LED can pass through. This is the step where I ruined the largest amount of acorns, so take your time.i

Next, fit in the LED through the hole you just drilled and insert it into one of the glass spheres. It should look something like the pictures show.

Finally, arrange the LED within the sphere to your liking, apply a small amount of hot glue to the acorn and attach the glass sphere to the acorn. Make sure it fits tightly. The finish the light bulb, apply some hot glue to the hole on the backside of the acorn to seal it. Wait for it to slightly cool down, and using some plastic tool slightly press on it to make sure it fits well. This ensures that your light bulb won't get torn apart when you accidentally pull on it.

Step 2: Repeat Step 1 Until You Have Enough Bulbs!

Make sure to check that everything lights up once in a while. It sucks to work so hard and realize something went wrong along the way.

Step 3: Use the Tiny Light Bulbs!

Now you can use the tiny light bulbs for so many things!

For example, you could use these as a long string of tiny light bulbs to decorate your living room, you could use it to surround a mirror like they have on makeup-mirrors, or what ever you can think of! I'd be happy to see your ideas come to life!

I personally wanted to make a small lamp, so I arranged the light bulbs on a vintage magnifying glass I happened to have lying around.

Hope you like my instructable and make your own tiny acorn lamps!! :D

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