Introduction: Tiny Cactus Terrarium!!!

This is a fun, easy, 4-step project to do. It is also very cute!

Step 1: Supplies

For this cute teeny project, you are going to need a very small jar, some dirt, 2-3 tiny cacti (or other plant), and a tiny piece of moss. I used Spanish moss, which is a dry, stringy type of moss, but you can use any kind. For the tiny cacti, I found that on my bigger cactus plant, tiny cacti were growing on top! So I (very painfully) picked them off, and they will grow new roots in your teeny terrarium!

Step 2: Start Your Terrarium

The first step is to put the dirt in, just covering the bottom of the jar. Then, using tweezers, or if those don't fit in your tiny jar, I used a piece of wire. Using your tweezers/makeshift tweezers, you put the moss on top of the dirt. Then place the cacti next to each other, and very very gently place a teeny bit of dirt on the base of the cacti.

Step 3: Water!

You don't need to water your terrarium for a few months at a time. After you are done making it, add a few drops of water to settle the plants in. You only need a couple drops, DON'T OVER WATER THEM! It;s very easy to do that since the terrarium is so small. So be cautious.

Step 4: Done!

Now your itty bitty plant ecosystem is done! Hooray!

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