Introduction: Tiny Dumpster House Trailer

This is the tiny Dumpster house trailer i built for my son, The trailer was originally my dads old tent trailer that was repurposed into a utility trailer and then into this.

Step 1: The Base Trailer Rebuild

The trailer was in bad shape so i reinforced it with new 2" x 3" rectangular tube and angle iron. I welded it all together and welded it to the base of the trailer.

Step 2: The Frame and Walls

This is the frame Build and insulating the walls

Step 3:

I skinned the outside of the trailer in green aluminum and added some pickup fork points for the authentic dumpster look. I also added a outside access point for getting power into the unit.

Step 4: Pop Up Windows

I added windows Dumpster style with screen and drop down plastic for those cold nights. The mechanism is very effective in that one person can open it or close it

Step 5: Tight Squeeze

This is me measuring twice and cutting once lol

Step 6: Inside Amenities

Inside i built a fold down table\bed, side fold down tables and upper storage on one side of the trailer. As well i added a power source inside with a inverter and a solar panel that is removable. I have 3D printed some side lights and some other pc for the fold down table. I bought a mesh for the door to keep the bugs out.

Step 7: Finished Project

here are some finished and all set up pictures of the unit

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