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Even though it's officially Spring, our weather here is still cold and blustery. As a matter of fact, it snowed today! Until the weather warms up, I'm keeping my hands and mind busy indoors by getting reacquainted with crochet. And since Easter is fast approaching, I'm making an Easter bunny! Since it's so tiny, it's a quick project.


  • Fine cotton mini yarn (blue, and dark blue). I found my yarn at the dollar store, but this yarn is even finer and will give you an even tinier bunny. If you're social distancing like me, just use whatever you have. It'll be cute no matter what yarn you use :)
  • Crochet hook. I'm using an old english steel crochet hook that belonged to my grandmother. It's a Milward and marked with a 1 and 14. I honestly don't know what that converts to if you're in the U.S., but get yourself a set of fine sizes and experiment with the guage.
  • Embroidery floss (pink, black)
  • Stuffing (fiber fill or cotton)
  • Large eye darning needles (preferrably blunt)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Stitch marker (I use a bobby pin).

Step 1: ​Crochet Abbreviations

  • Slip stitch (SS)
  • Chain (ch)
  • Single crochet (SC)
  • Increase (incr)
  • Decrease (decr)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Treble crochet (tc)

Notes before you Begin

All the decreases in this pattern are invisible decreases. How to do that will be explained when you do the head.

The most difficult part of this pattern was trying to find the end of the yarn that’s buried in the middle of the skein! I gave up and let it unravel from the outside. It’s such a small project, it won’t really matter but if anyone knows if there’s a trick to finding the end, please do let me know!

Step 2: ​Head

The head and body are crocheted together. Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each row. I use a bobby pin.

1. Create a magic ring. 6 SC in ring. SS.

2. 6 incr (12). SS.

3. (SC, incr) *6 times (18). SS.

4. (2 SC, incr) *6 times (24). SS.

5. (3 SC, incr) *6 times (30). SS.

6. 30 SC. SS.

7. 30 SC. SS.

At this point, we’re going to start decreasing.

How to Do An Invisible Decrease
When you come to a decrease in the pattern, insert the crochet hook through the front loop only of the next two stitches. Yarn over.

From this point, it’s the same as a single crochet, except you have three loops on the hook instead of two. Draw the yarn through the first two loops, which decreases one stitch.

Yarn over again and bring yarn through the loops.

You’ll be left with one loop on the hook.

8. (3 SC, dec) *6 times (24). SS.

9. (2 SC, dec) *6 times (18). SS.

10. (SC, dec) *6 times (12). SS.

Flip the work rightside out. The tail end is now inside and will be hidden with the stuffing.

Stuff the head. Use the blunt end of the crochet hook to help distribute the stuffing evenly.

11. (2 SC, dec) *3 times (9). SS.

12. 9 SC. SS.

Add more stuffing if needed.

Step 3: Neck and Body

13. (2 SC, incr) *3 times (12). SS.

14. 12 SC. SS.

15. (SC, incr) *6 times (18). SS.

16. 18 SC. SS.

Now we start increasing for the body.

17. (2 SC, incr) *6 times (24). SS.

18. 24 SC. SS.

Start decreases:

19. (2 SC, dec) *6 times (18). SS. Stuff.

20. (SC, dec) *6 times (12). SS. Stuff again if necessary before closing.

21. 6 dec. SS. Stuff and tie off crochet.

Weave the loose ends through the head and body respectively. Cut yarn.

Step 4: Arms

Make two.

1. 6 SC in magic ring. SS.

2. 6 SC for four rows. Stuff.

3. 3 dec., SS. Tie off. Leave a long tail to allow you to attach to body.

Step 5: ​Legs

Make two.

1. Ch 4. Incr in first stitch. Then 3 SC in next stitch. 2 SC. then 2 SC in last stitch (8). SS.

2. (2 incr, 2 SC) * 2 times (12). SS

3.12 SC. SS

4.12 SC. SS

At this point, flip the work right side out so you can hide the tail inside.

5. 3 SC, 4 decr, SC (8). SS. Stuff

6. 8 SC. SS.

7. 8 SC. SS. Stuff again if necessary before closing.

8. Decr 4, close and tie off leaving a long tail.

Step 6: ​Ears

1. Ch 9. SS in first stitch. SC, 2 DC, 2 TC, DC, SC.

2. Now without breaking the thread, crochet 10 chains and repeat what you did in the previous ros. (1 chain is an additional space for the gap between the ears).

3. SS to the first stitch in Row 1 (where my finger is pointing in the second last picture).

Tie off yarn leaving a long tail to sew ears onto head.

Step 7: Inside Ears (Contrasting Colour)

4. Switch to darker blue colour. Make a slip knot in the yarn. Tighten around crochet hook and remove it.

5. With right side facing toward you and starting at the bottom of one ear, insert hook down into the first space. Put the slip knot onto the crochet hook

6. Bring the loop through to the front of work (leaving the knot in back).

7. Insert hook into next space, * yarn over in the back of work and pull yarn loop through to the front. You will now have two loops on the hook. SS. *

5. Insert hook into next space and repeat from * in previous row. When you reach the top, you’ll have 7 slip stitches in the dark blue. Slip knot and tie off.

Weave yarn ends through back, tie together and cut.

Step 8: ​Assembly

Using the pins, place the arms and legs on the body symmetrically.

Thread the yarn ends onto a darning needle and sew arms and legs to body. Hide all yarn tails within the body and cut close to hide.

Using black embroidery floss, create two slits for the eyes and ‘Y’ for the nose/mouth. Hide ends within body and cut floss.

Thread pink floss onto darning needle. Knot end and feed through head exiting on one side of nose. Do a satin stitch back and forth in the ‘V’ section of the black outline.

(Optional). Bunnies don’t have belly buttons of course, but I thought it would be cute to add one. When you create the last stitch of the nose with the pink floss, feed it down and exit in the middle of the belly area.

Create a french knot by winding the floss around the needle 3 times. Insert the needles right beside where it came out and weave the end through to the back (inside the body). Knot thread, pull taut and cut close, letting the yarn retract into the body. The tail of the floss will remain hidden inside.

Pose the Bunny

If desired, add a few stitches to sew together the legs and pose the arm.

Step 9: Embellish a Special Gift!

This little fellow is pretty tired so I’m not surprised he’s enjoying some nap time. I think I’ll join him.

It's my sister's birthday today, and since I can't give her real hugs and kisses, I've embellished this guy with XO beads. So I'm sending her hugs and kisses virtually :)

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Step 10: One More Easter Bunny Project

Want to try your hand at something bigger, like this adorable project made with crocheted i-cord? Check out my Instructable for this Easter Bunny Wreath!

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