Introduction: Tiny Golf, the Mini Golf Hole on Your Desk

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Not so long ago, I went to a bookstore and they have this display with all of these desk toys. One of those toys was a mini golf game, complete with a putter, golf ball and even a sandtrap. I've created basically the same thing here (minus the sandtrap). Now you can practice your putting at work!


You'll need:

green felt

red felt

bamboo skewers

a popsicle stick

a small marble

a pencil


a glue gun

Step 1: Cut Out Your Green

I decided to make a simple hole with a ramp, so all I had to do for this step was cut out a piece of felt. If you like, you can make a more adventurous green!

Step 2: Elevations

To make an elevation for the ramp, cut out 2 rectangles and glue them to the green as shown.

Step 3: Hole and Walls

Next, cut your hole out. After that, cut skewers and glue them around the green for some walls to keep your marble from running away.

Step 4: Ramp

Take 2 ends of the skewers and place them like so to make a ramp for the marble to roll up.

Step 5: Flag

Of course, no mini golf course, even a tiny one, doesn't have a flag :D simply take a bit of skewer and glue a triangle-shaped piece of felt to it to make a cute red flag.

Step 6: Putter

To make the putter, cut a bit of popsicle stick and glue it to a piece of skewer.

Step 7: All Done!

We're finished! Now you have your own beautiful mini golf to play with on sunny (or rainy) days!

Thanks for reading this instructable! If you make a different hole, I'd love to see it in the
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