Introduction: Tiny Mosaic Stepping Stones for Gnome or Fairy Garden

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I love to make mosaic art and I have a small gnome garden on my porch. So it was just a matter of time that I would start making mini mosaics for this garden. This Instructable is more of an idea-sharing than a "how to," because you can probably see how to make these, just from the pictures. But they are so cute and easy, I thought I'd share the idea with you.

Step 1: Supllies

You will need jar lids (milk caps and bottle caps also work), tiny found object pieces (I mostly use beads), weather- proof glue and tweezers. A note about the glue: if you aren't going put these outdoors, you can really use any kind of glue. I used silicone glue because I happen to have some and its thickness is helpful when I place the beads. I think HouseHold Goop would be another great choice.

Step 2: Add Glue to Lids

Cover the whole area of the lids with glue.

Step 3: Set Objects in Glue.

This is where the tweezers are important. Place the beads or other objects onto the glue in the lid, one by one.

Some tips:

If you are going for a particular pattern, start in the middle.

If you are doing a message with letter beads, place the letters in the glue where you want them, then add beads around the edge of the circle and then fill in the remaining spaces.

If you don't want any specific pattern and are using beads, it's still a good idea to place them in one by one so you have control of whether or not you want the hole to show.

Step 4: Your Done!

That's really it. If you want, you could spray them with a sealant, but I've had a few outside for over a year and they've been fine. Enjoy!

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