Introduction: Tiny Moustrap Pendant DIY

About: Unknown engineer

Hello everybody! A long ago i watched some guy made a nano mousetrap, and now i want to repeat his succes and show you how to make this cool thing.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The main material will be steel guitar strings - the 1st and the 5th.

Also you nedd a piece of wood, which would be the basement for our construction.

To cut and bend the wires i used a pair of pliers. Next, i used my old broken small drill and put it in a drill (huh) so it will be easy to bend wire around it.

Step 2: Making a Catcher and a Spring

First lets make a catching system.

I unwrapped th 5th string from the thin copper wire to get the thick strong steel wire. Then i bended it in a shape of a square and cut at the middle like on photo.

Then to make a spring i took the 1st string and stick it into the drill around the drill (huh x2) as in the photo and slowly start spinning it carefully holding it. And we got a nice spring!
We don't need those long legs so cut the extras and make a little hook on the one side that wil hold the catcher (like in photo). And finally, just bend the catcher a little bit and place the spring right on it.

Step 3: Assembling on a Wood

The next parts you need to make are this little hooks that will hold everything on wood. I bend a wire around a drill and cut leaving around 4 - 5 mm. And here's the tip: don't cut straightly perpendicular, but on some angle to create those sharp edges and make it easyer to press it into a wood.

Next, set up a catcher with a spring to a some piece of wood (i used a 6mm plywood). Make sure the spring is placed the right way and then press it up with the hooks at the edges (like in photo).

After that make sure the cather moves freely and the sprig is returning it back.

The second part is the trigger system. It contains two parts. First i made a loop on a wire, cut and attached it with another hook just near the final position of rotated catcher (you move the catcher back to its final position when the spring is under pressure, and there you need to attach this part, in the middle like shown in photo).

Step 4: The Last Part

The last and the most difficult part is the main trigger. I made a double loop on a wire and then bend the end of it perpendicular (like in photo).

And i stick in right near the axle of the catcher, around the center so the first part of this trigger system can be sticked inside the upper loop.

And it is very important to cut the first part with the right lenght so when it it is sticked into a trigger there will be a very very small piece sticking out of the trigger loop. I know it sounds like chinese rap but just look at the photo and you'll find out how it works.

Step 5: Final Cut

Thats all! The whole mechanism done, all we need to do is to cut this piece of wood and make a pendant.

For this purpose i made another hook but much bigger so it could be attached to a small chain or thread.

Thanks for your attention and watch the video to see how it works.