Introduction: Tiny Pencil Robot

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The “TINY Speed Challenge” inspired me to make something which I have always wanted to try. Namely a tiny pencil sculpture. I tried to make the instructables robot figure. It was fun working on it and I enjoyed it a lot.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

Pencil - Most type of pencils are possible for use. The graphite have to be not to hard and not to soft (H, HB, B). I use carpenters pencil because it is with thicker graphite.

Carving knife

Paper knife

Magnifier - around 3x or more

Step 2: Technique and Tips

First draw the robot`s contour. This helps you to arrange the figure size and proportion on the graphite. Use shallow lines, because they can be visible at the end.

Work slowly and be careful. Remove the material slowly, layer by layer because you have only one chance (Ctrl+Z does not work)

You have to start from the top or from those parts which need more material removing. Leave tiny parts for the end.

For example, the head needs a lot of “chiseling” and if you make the legs first, the chance of breaking a leg is huge.

Press your fingers together (between your two hands) or touch the desk. This eliminates your hand trembling and increases precision.

Use a magnifier for the smallest details.

If you have a small magnifier, with 3x zoom or more, you can put it in front of your smartphone camera to take very good macro photos.

Step 3: Figure Carving.

For more details from the whole process watch the video.

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