Tiny Pixie Garden

Introduction: Tiny Pixie Garden

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Empty mint tins are perfect for pocket sized creations. Build your own tiny pixie garden with this instructable.

Step 1: Supplies

A little bit of spare parts and a little bit of crafty things.

You will need at least 2 altoid tins or pocket sized tin container

Miniature mushrooms (In the fairy garden or floral section at most craft stores)

Plastic fairy button or tiny doll

Sticker or plastic flowers

Acrylic paint - Brown, teal, yellow, white and green

Green crafters felt

Blue Scrapbook paper

Floral Scrapbook paper

Hot glue

1.5" Hole punch (optional)

Tiny silk foliage

Lego stone path plastic piece (I think it came out of the ranch kit) or stone paper or actual tiny stones

Washi paper (Optional)

Tiny plastic animals

Step 2: Multitasking

Paint your tin lid in a teal color. While that is drying, use another tin to trace out a square shape that you will use for your backdrop.

Do not cut it out yet!

Step 3: Painting Your Backdrop

You don't have to be an artist to paint this scene.

First paint a brown rectangle that will be your trunk.

Then paint a yellow door in any shape you want.

Paint a yellow window frame

Fill in the window with a white square

Make the awning of the window by painting a teal triangle.

Add a few swishes of green paint near the bottom for grass.

Add a few dabs of white for clouds

When everything is nice and dry you can use a regular black ink pen and draw the stilles on the window, the wood grain in the tree and the hinges on the door (Just two hook - shapes).

A little brad works nicely as a door knob.

Now you can cut out your backdrop. You might have to place it and see if it needs a little trimming.

Step 4: More Multitasking

After your teal lid is dry, paint it with a thin layer of purple and let dry.

Now, while that is drying, cut out a square green felt piece that will serve as the front yard of the pixie's house. Get the right size by tracing the (non painted) tin and cutting out. Then you will also need a green strip that will be sitting on the bottom of the wider lip inside the tin.

Take your stone path and cut green felt strips for the sides to make a winding pathway. Glue down using hot glue.

Cut out little circles for your mushrooms to sit on. I find they stand up a little better if they have a platform to be mounted on then later that will be glued to the felt.

Step 5: More Additions

It's time to start building the actual scene.

You will need to cut out a thin strip of paper to cover the inner edge of the wider side of your tin.

Start by tracing the edge on the same color paper you are using for your backdrop. Then draw out the lines using a straight edge. Cut out and set aside.

To add a little extra cuteness you can wrap a strip of washi tape on the bottom of the tin. You will need to do this before you start gluing in pieces.

Start by gluing the green felt square on the inside of the shallowest part of the tin.

Then, glue your backdrop. Then start gluing and pressing in the thin strip of paper you just cut out.

On the bottom of backdrop glue that strip of green felt. That will also cover up the seam from the edging strip.

Cut out a little tuft of grass by fringing some green paper. Glue that on either side of the door.

Next, glue your little mushrooms into place but make sure the lid will be able to close.

Step 6: Leaves

To add a little more dimension glue some silk foliage from the top of the scenery.

Step 7: Box Front

Glue a strip of Scrapbook paper of your choosing across the front of the box.

Punch out a 1.5" hole out of white paper.

Draw a nice monogram on that with black ink.

You can add a cute sticker or something to give it some flair but make sure it is flat because that is the side that the box will rest on when open.

Step 8: Play Time

When you're ready to close up your box you may have to take a second to arrange so that everything fits as you close the lid.

This makes a cute gift for a little one. However, I would not give it to a child 3 or under since there are small parts.

Happy crafting!

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