Introduction: Tiny Rocket (that Actually Flies)

Are you tired of being home with nothing interesting to do? You could make a rocket! Rockets are always exciting. This instructable will show you a simple way to build a flying rocket with very few materials.

Step 1: Build the Rocket

I made mine with origami (I leave some origami rocket guides in case you want to do it too), but you can do it with anything you want, from cardboard to 3D printing.

Step 2: Build the Piston

You will need a one side sealed metal cylinder and a solid cylinder made of a flexible material that fits the metal one (mine is made with masking tape and a 0.5mm pencil tip)

Step 3: Assemble the Rocket

Glue the rocket from Step 1 to the solid cylinder from Step 2. Place the phosphorus of a matchstick into the metal cylinder. Seal the metal cylinder with the solid cylinder.

Step 4: Time to Fly!!!

Use a lighter to heat the metal cylinder and tweezers to hold it, and wait until magic happens...

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